Campaign News


Campaign News


Friends of Charmouth Library were granted £50,000 by Village SOS.

Village SOS is part of the Big Lottery Fund, set up to help villages with fewer than 3,000 residents.  The grant paid £42,500 towards the building of an extension and £4,500 towards operating costs in 2013.

The single-storey extension covers most of the parking area behind the library and includes an open-plan kitchen-servery, a disabled-access loo, a store-room and space for comfortable chairs and tables.   The kitchen installation and equipment was funded from another grant  –  £7,500 from Dorset Community Foundation.

Underfloor heating ensures the room is always warm for customers, library-users, clubs and classes.   Work began in March 2013 and completed in good time.

Some work to the existing building, funded by Dorset County Council,  started in late January.   The roof received its new glass fibre covering and has been made water tight. The library reopened after just over a month of very necessary maintenance and the central heating installed.

The Parish Council also helped with some funding, as have NISA (Charmouth Stores £250), Charmouth Traders’ Association (£150) and Waitrose (£212) – (thanks to all who put their green tokens in the Charmouth Central collecting box), as have The Lottery Fund.

In March we received news that Dorset’s Partnership for Older People programme has donated £1,577 for IT equipment provision, to enable Internet & Computer Use classes and used to purchase superb up to date laptops and other accessories which are put to good use during prescribed Computer Courses listed in the Diary.

By late summer 2012, Charmouth gained a totally transformed building, no longer just a rather run-down library open only a few hours a week but a drop-in centre, internet café, meeting place, tourist information point, club and classes venue
– and will live up to its new name, “
Charmouth Central.”

Look for us on Facebook. Click the LIKE button and add comments if you wish. There’s a link on the LINKS page of this site. Its administered by this site’s webmaster.

Twelve volunteers and four lead volunteers have been trained by the Dorset Library Service.   The general consensus was that the training was excellent, presented in a very straightforward way with plenty of time for questions and hands-on application of the theory.   Training for more volunteers can take place when addition volunteers come forward.

For any of the above, please contact Hazel Robinson or Deb Winstone


Don’t forget to fill in the form and arrange your subscription to become

Friends of Charmouth Library

  Forms and standing order mandates are available in the library or on the website or attached here.   There are additional benefits to becoming a Friend – a monthly draw, discounts on refreshments etc but, more than this, you will know that your contribution is what is keeping the community hub lit and heated for all to enjoy.   150 Friends’ subscriptions will raise £3,600 which is just enough to pay for the utilities.   Other costs must be covered by sales of tea and coffee and locally-produced goods as well as fund-raising events.

Forms:   AVAILABLE FROM THE “Come on in”   PAGE.

Bridport News Headlines!  

We are famous! Click on the title to see the Bridport News article explaining our arrangements for the take over of the library and the repairs, grants, etc..

Your Library Needs You!

Application forms for membership of Friends of Charmouth Library.

We all want to be certain that the library remains free and becomes a real community hub but a voluntary subscription of £2 a month from as many library supporters as possible is vital to pay for insurance, utilities, upkeep, supplies and so on.

Our next Newsletter will give those on our mailing list all the details and copies of the application form but this still leaves many library users who are not on the e-mail list but who would want to keep the library going by becoming Friends.   It is these people we shall be trying to reach when they visit the library.

Please let me know when you can help, even if just for an hour.   You will be making a great contribution.

Best regarda

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