Charmouth Village Library Combined with Leicester Locksmith Company For Security Updates

Breaking news in March 2017, we are announcing a partnership with the Leicester based locksmith company AJ Locksmiths, who are going to be working with us going forward providing security surveys and other lock change and upgrades to the library over the next year.

The guys from AJ Locksmiths Leicester are always helpful

This will greatly improve the librarys security, and prevent local thieves from gaining access to the building when we’re out of hours, and will include automated entry devices, anti snap locks, security lighting, security cameras, and other security improvements.

Tony Richardson the owner has been very helpful during the negotiations, and has allowed us to come to a resolution that’s beneficial for both parties involved.

While they are based in Leicester, they will be able to provide the services to us at our location.

If you want any more information on this, then we’d be happy to listen to press enquiries, contact

You can find out more about the company on the following links:

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