Weatherproof Garden Furniture to Survive Harsh Weather

Garden furniture designed to survive all weathers

Now for all those living around the Charmouth area, you will no full well we can get some very unpredictable weather to say the least!

The coast line brings in harsh salty spray, which can damage buildings, plants and outdoor furniture, leaving you severely out of pocket having to pay to replace all of these things.

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Maybe you’re sick and tired of this? Well fear not, because we’ve got one thing you can tick off your list right here, weatherproof garden furniture.

Why choose weatherproof garden furniture?

So you have plenty of options when choosing outdoor furniture, from wood to rattan, there are so many options, colours, styles and “claims” for you to take in.

From my research, I can tell you the best solution for weather-resistant furniture is the new material called Winawood™, owned by Innovators International.

It’s a composite material of hardened acrylics and plastics, compacted into a resin that looks and feels like real wood, but has man-made qualities that allow it to stay outside all year round, without needing to store, oil, or cover it.

You can buy Winawood online from the online retailer here.

You can find our more information about the Winawood brand here.

You can find build instructions for Winawood here.

Weatherproof Garden Benches

These benches are a great choice if you only require a small seating area, where you and your partner or friend wish to enjoy a quite moment enjoying the garden and each others company.

Weatherproof garden benches help you enjoy your garden without the need to maintain, store, or pay for covers for you bench, which a lot of people really like.

Garden Centre Shopping announced in Feb 2018 about their new products available here, including a range of 2 seater and 3 seater garden benches.

Waterproof, Weatherproof, All Weather or Weather-Resistant?

These terms all essentially mean similar things, just on different scales. I would advise to always look for weatherproof furniture, because the others can be interpreted differently, resulting in lower quality products.

Weatherproof Rattan Furniture

The next best alternative to Winawood™ is rattan effect, or synthetic wicker furniture. There are UV stabilised, therefore they do not fade or become brittle in the sun, wind, rain or ice, and have a strong aluminium frame to avoid any rusting which could result in weakness or damages.

These have the added benefit of looking modern, which is something Dr Kerry Walker prefers to see in her garden furniture.

These two qualities are essential when shopping for rattan sets, because the cheaper shops will try to hide the difference between these two (such as Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Homebase, The Range, etc), where they will have steel framed sets, or hard plastic in place of rattan, which is prone to damages and less comfortable.

You always want to have premium, UV stabilised, aluminium framed, hand woven rattan furniture, as it feels much better, and lasts longer.

There is plenty of research into why UV stabilising plastics is beneficial for the end user, and how it can effect the lifespan of that product, whether that’s indoor or outdoor.

Shop premium reclining rattan garden furniture from here.

You can also shop reclining rattan garden chairs at here.

Best Provider of Rattan Conservatory Furniture UK

Finding the right furniture that goes well with the interior design of your home is a huge part of making sure everything goes together to get the perfect décor. Many types of furniture can be suitable depending on your taste, rattan being one of them.

Not only are they suitable for outdoor use, they can also blend perfectly inside the house to give you the elegant and unique finish. One of the reasons why people like rattan is because they give lots of room for creativity.

You can mix different colors and designs to come up with a unique and quality finish. Adding rattan conservatory furniture to your home can be a great way to add value to the general appearance of your home.

Synthetic Rattan Furniture is More Durable and Multi Use

By choosing this sort of rattan, for example the range provided by Garden Centre Shopping UK (see it here), you can have the option of using it inside your conservatory during the winter, and taking it outside to use as garden furniture during the summer, saving you from buying two sets.

The wide range of furniture from corner sofas, conservatory chairs to footstools gives you plenty of options to choose from as you add a personal touch to your home. You can try to combine bold colors with rattans to create a complex and appealing decorations. The easy maintenance of these furniture designs and their stylish and durable nature, add to their quality.

We definitely rate as 5/5 for both customer support and quality of product range, and highly recommend that you visit them both for your conservatory and garden furniture needs if you live in the UK.

They are also very comfortable and easily portable, making them easy to move around and decorate in a way that allows your home to get extra stream of natural light adding to its general beauty. It’s advisable to keep rattan furniture from direct sunlight and rain to maximize their durability.

You should also use cushions to help prevent sagging even when the seats are comfortable without them.

For cleaning, use a damp cloth to wipe the furniture and toothbrush to get in between the crevices. Make sure you pat dry any wet areas to avoid damage. In case you buy pieces that haven’t been assembled, ensure all the pieces and tools you need are there before you start assembling upside down.

In case you encounter molds, use a little amount of bleach to wipe them away, taking care not to make the towel too damp or using too much bleach.

Further Conservatory Resources

Here are some more useful websites to look into your next conservatory furnishing project:

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