The Best Leather Business Bags, Briefcases and Laptop Bags UK 2018

So you may be wondering about my recommendations for fashion in 2018, as I‘ve previously blogged about my home life in Charmouth, so now I want to address the region of fashion, in particularly leather bags that are available in the UK.

How to Choose a Leather Business Bag?

When you’re in business, you need to convey power and authority, as well as professionalism, and a sense that you care about what you do. That’s where a business bag comes in, and which one you choose says a lot about you.

The key here is to always choose leather, as anything else makes you look either like a traveller in an airport, or a child going to school. Make sure the colours are black or brown, and make sure the metal is shiny and robust enough to last. You want to avoid shoulder straps when in the meeting room, reserving those for when on the tube or bus.

What makes a good leather laptop bag?

A laptop bag has to protect your gadget first, and so you must choose a padded bag that will protect any bashes or scrapes that the bag gets. That being said it must also be professional enough to work in a business environment, so here again I would also recommend you go with a leather bag.

You can often get a laptop bag with separate pockets for the gadget and other things, helping you to keep the bag organised instead of rummaging through when trying to find something. I would again recommend sticking with brown or black leather, but women may be able to get away with tan or red leather too.

Men’s Leather Briefcases – Von Baer UK

These guys have proven to make the quality of briefcase that is good enough to last a lifetime, with full grain leather used and both black and brown leather. You can also get the leather cream which can extend the life of the briefcase.

Our leather briefcase range offers contemporary design, heritage craftsmanship and impeccable component quality. Every bag is designed to be smart enough for work as well as versatile enough for more casual day to day use.

When shopping for leather briefcases for men on Von Baer, we recommend you look at the following styles:

  • Magnate Modern Briefcase
  • Master No1 Leather Briefcase
  • Oligarch Business Briefcase

These three products are by far the most appropriate for a business environment, both in style and practicality.

How to tell if it’s full grain leather?

As you can see from the video above, it’s not so easy to detect full grain leather. The key is to make sure the manufacturer has specified it is full grain leather on the website or product label, to keep yourself covered later on if you find out it’s lesser quality.

The difference between full grain and lower grade leather is massive, and I would always recommend you choose that over anything else, particularly on a business bag where you want to impress.

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