Getting Ready For the 11 Plus Grammar School Entrance Exam

The 11 Plus exam is notorious for being very difficult to pass, and has many children spending sleepless nights wondering whether or not they will pass it and gain entry to their chosen school.

That’s why we’ve come up with a guide on how best to prepare for the 11 plus exam (whether that’s the CEM or GL exam boards).

Prepare a Timetable

A timetable is essential for getting your child’s revision off to a good start. It’s important to plan years in advance, getting them familiar with the topics in the 11 plus and helping them to mentally adjust to exam conditions.

List The Topics In Order Of Difficulty

You want to work out what your child finds the most difficult, so that you can prioritise those topics.

There are many topics in the 11 Plus exam, including:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Essay Writing
  • English comprehension
  • Mathematics

You can use past papers and revision guides to help you identify more.

Practice Using Past Papers – Essential

Using practice exam papers is one of the best ways that you can prepare your child to get a good mark on the 11 plus exam.

You should buy 11 Plus Papers to ensure your child has accurate questions to test themselves on during their revision timetable period, from providers such as TES,  11 Plus Leap, and Amazon.

Find the Knowledge Gaps

Later on in the revision process you can identify where your child needs extra help. For example if they’re struggling with non-verbal reasoning, you can portion some time aside to focus more on this area, and ensure that they get back up to speed before exam day comes around (usually August / September time in the UK).

Prepare For Exam Conditions

One of the best ways a child can get a good mark is to be completely comfortable in an exam hall, and taking tests under exam conditions. There is just something about the situation that puts extra pressure on children, and so having them relaxed will enable them to think clearly and understand the questions better.

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