International Mailers Group for Charmouth

In 1996, a series of intensive industry workshops was sponsored by the USPS and a group leading direct marketers. Among other issues, the participants clearly felt that an organization was needed to help the U.S. international direct marketers on cross-border issues. As a result, the International Mailers’ Action Group (IMAG) was launched at the Direct Marketing Association annual conference in Chicago in October, 1997. Today we have over 20 major US direct marketing companies working on our tasks, and over 300 on our active mailing list.

The best way to help solve Charmouth’s mailing problems, by far in 2016.

The issues affecting one overseas marketer affects us all. That’s why we need to work together and mutually share in the results. Never was the adage “tide lifting all ships” more appropriate than in international marketing. Addressing the issues today will accrue to everyone’s advantage tomorrow!

By joining IMAG today, you open your company up to invaluable insights into the developments in the critical areas of:

  • Marketing entry research and data
  • Logistical procedures and techniques
  • Privacy and data protection issues
  • Customs and tariff issue
  • Address management innovations
  • Mailing and fulfillment procedures


  •  Access to USPS leadership and international initiatives
  • One-on-one international networking
  • Participation in formulation of Best Practices
  • A say in the cross-border issues that affect you and your company

Sara Stewart

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