Within our LINKS page we hope to be able to LINK you to web sites and personnel who are either directly involved or affected by the situation in Dorset and particularly Charmouth. Also to commercial sites connected to Charmouth and Tourist Information, etc. If you know of any not shown please advise the editor at [email protected]   for current opening hours and information incl. catalogue and map.

Newspaper ‘clippings’ of Library significance.      Helping us to find the missing donors of the land on which the library is built.   A news report by a local journal.

Councillors involved

Angus Campbell      Dorset County Council Leader  email address   [email protected]

Jane Bremner    West Dorset District Councillor for Charmouth Ward   Email address  [email protected]

Local and National web sites which you might find of interest whose owners are directly concerned with saving the Library Service as is.    The web site builders and managers of this site.      A web site ran by the editor for the advancement of his choice charity!  Web site for the Quaker meeting at Uplyme village hall where the editor acts as clerk.        Web site ran by local traders in Charmouth.      A Facebook page recently made available for your comments, recent news and pictures, administered by this web site’s webmaster, Howard Wright. Waiting for you all to LIKE !

If you wish to LINK as a commercial enterprise your subscription to this site will directly help toward the Campaign to SAVE our library. Please contact the editor.

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