University Education Starts With a Safe Student Accommodation

Now we have been looking at various forms of education recently (including 11+ tests), however this post is geared towards students going to University.

Many parents will not know that the most important part of University is actually getting a solid base from which your child can live their life. This is because if everything is unorganised or at risk at home, then it will distract them from their studies and from making friends, and can end up leaving them with a miserable life at University.

So with that in mind, we will share some important information about choosing the best student accommodation to give your child the best head start:

1. In 1st Year – Get Social Halls of Residents in Popular Areas

It’s vitally important that in the first year your child meets the most diverse range of people possible. This is because they need to find people they have things in common with in order to form friendship groups, and you give them the highest chance of this by being in large halls of residents where lots of people live in close proximity.

When they have parties, social events, sports, and other group gatherings it will give them plenty of time to find a group that they connect with and want to live with in their second year.

2. In 2nd Year – Choose a Student house That Contributes To Your Organisation

Once your child has their group of friends sorted you want them to get an affordable and conveniently located student house. Strawberry Student Homes offers student accommodation in Sheffield, and has described the best student house as “having plenty of room for everyone to do their own thing, but also having social areas for everyone to come together as a family”.

It should be located within reach of everyone’s University lectures, whilst also allowing you easy reach of the local shops, and the bars and nightlife. It is also a great idea to be in reach of the gym or other sports grounds, to allow you to keep active with your friends.

3. In 3rd Year – Studying Takes Priority over Everything

This is the time where you and your house mates really need to lock in and study hard. That means your accommodation must be located close to the library and exam halls, allowing you a good routine for getting the best grade possible, and helping you graduate with a degree you will be proud of. This can be a make or break decision, particularly during the exam revision period.

For more student tips, you can keep an eye on our blog, or use the following resources:

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